1 month linkbuilding – case study

1 Monat Backlinkaufbau

Our 1-month backline-build in the Basic package is the most sold item in our shop, so we take you with us and show you the strategy and effectiveness. In our example we take the page thermobehälter-fuer-essen.de.

We go through all steps step by step and already start with the preparation of the backline-building.

Why buy German Linkbuilding Package?

No matter if your money or time is invested, linkbuilding is a must for every site operator. Without a healthy linkbuilding it is only rarely possible to get into the Top 10. And if it is possible, the keyword is usually not worth it.

The big problem when investing time or money in links is the result, at least that’s how I feel. Mostly I get a result after 1-6 months. Who buys wrong or the wrong backlinks maybe never sets. In addition, there is the risk that the OnPage optimization is not good enough and you even with the best backlinks can not rank. That is also one of the many reasons why the premium package is sold as the second best, here we check the linked pages on request still additionally for OnPage optimization.

Auf welche Unterseite sollte ich Backlinks setzen?

On which subpage should I put backlinks?

If you have set up a new company or niche site, I recommend that you buy at least the Basic package to get the necessary link pop to the start page and set up enough trust.

A good link profile on the start page helps to rank subpages better and faster.

From an age of 3 months and enough links on the start page you should specialize in the subpages and build links. In order to select a preferably attractive subpage, which is suitable for link building, I use tools such as:

  • aHrefs
  • SEMRush

As a free tool Google Webmaster’s is suitable, here we can also see the rankings and backlinks to certain pages.

In the Webmaster Tool you should show all columns at the beginning and sort them by position. Now scroll to position 10-30 and select the most lucrative keywords. To find the most lucrative keywords, you can also export the list and use the “keyword planner” to determine the search volume. In our example it was the following keyword:

Google Search Console

How many links or packages do I need?

The required quantity / quality of the links depends on the one hand on your website and on the other hand on the strength of the competition. For your own website you get after 10 articles a feeling for how fast and which topics are good to rank, therefore loyal customers have a small advantage over new customers. The competition can find out beginners as well as professionals quite simply with the kwfinder:

kwfinder: “warmhaltebox essen”

At this keyword difficulty 1-2 PBN backlinks should be enough to get into the top 10. Therefore we can fall back here on the Basic Package. The Ranking Package Basic contains the following:

  • 1x PBN + relevant text with picture
  • 1x Web 2.0 + relevant text with image + 2 backlinks
  • 1x QA/Forum (OR for new websites 20 Webdirectorys)

I use the web directory entries exclusively on the homepage. On subpages I had mostly less success with web directories so far. Therefore we will set 3 PBN links.

Procedure and result

The aim of my study was to get the named keyword into the top 10, therefore I chose the keyword “eat warming box” and created 3 PBN links.

01.01.2018 – Creating the SEO text:

At the beginning of the year I started to create an SEO text for the keyword “eat warming box”.

01.02.2018 – Stable ranking:

To consolidate the study I waited 1 month until the rankings were stable between 16th and 18th place. On February I had set my first PBN backlink.

Google Search Console

20.02.2018 – Jump up:

20 days later I saw in the Search Console that I had come 9th in the rankings. In order to make up further positions I created two more PBNs on this day.

10.03.2018 – Top 4 Ranking:

Now it came so far and I could reach a Top 4 ranking without further ado.

Position 3 – case study

With a Top 3 place the study is now successfully finished. The goal to reach the Top 10 was achieved.

Does this strategy have a future?

I am often told that when buying PBN, the rankings rise rapidly (within 5 days) and then immediately find their way back to the base position (all in one month). I can also see a similar effect with strong backlinks, no matter if a good guest contribution or PBN, the ranking first rises rapidly and then drops again slightly. If you buy from the wrong backlink retailer, your ranking will return to your base position. That’s why I’ve also given you the further course of the last 6 months.

stable course of PBN strategy

As you can clearly see here, the ranking dropped a bit again, but remains stable between 8 and 4. If this were a lucrative keyword, 1-2 PBN’s should be created again. A long-term curve downwards can always be observed. Within 1 to 2 years most rankings decrease again, so I recommend to set backlinks regularly. Depending on the keyword can be regular also 1x in the year.

The competition never sleeps! Pay attention to set regular backlinks otherwise you will sink in the long term ranking!

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